Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Angel Life Coaching

The ANGEL LIFE COACH® Method, developed by Isabelle von Fallois (D), includes many techniques of energetic and emotional re-balance coupled with the angelic healing frequencies, which will help finding a new state of centeredness, balance & your Personal Power.

During an ANGEL LIFE COACH® session you’ll be able to experience an uplifting change in your energetic frequency and transformation thanks to the any of the technique we'll choose together. These techniques are listed below.
An ANGEL LIFE COACH® session allow to work directly on many levels of your Energetic & Vibrational Field.

NEW: Future Regression with Karma Balance will help you to discover a part of your future (from this present life or a future one) in order to learn wich Soul's Lessons you've already integrated, which onesyou still have to implement, & which changes you have to take, in the Present Moment, to create a Future much suitable  to the Frequency of your Personal Growth's Choices.

List of techniques I offer:

  • Angel Cards Readings  will help you to clarify your possibilities in the Present Moment (also via Skype)
  • Emotional Balance with angels will help you to release problems and trauma on the physical level
  • Angel Trance Coaching for reprogramming your subconscious mind  (also via Skype)
  • ISIS ANGEL HEALING® is an energy treatment suitable for physical & emotional dis-eases with the energy of Angels, Ascended Masters & Goddesses
  • Process helps you to transform with love your "Inner Child'"s wounds in occasions for your personal growing
  • Soul Regressionwill help you finding out your Life Mission, the Soul Lessons you've already learned, the Soul lessons you still have to learn & the better Next Step to take (in the present moment)
  • Karma and trauma healing with angels, will help you to release problems and blockages on a deep emotional and spiritual level
  • Neutralizing repeated self-sabotaging patterns with the Past Life Regression with Angels technique  
  • MAGDALENE HEALING® is a meditation which helps to discover and develop more "Self Love" by FORGIVING & consists of 4 consecutive sessions:
    - HEALING WORDS© for more self love
    - HEALING WORDS© for forgivness
    - HEALING WORDS© for physical themes
    - HEALING WORDS© for rejuvenation
  • Future Regression & Karma Balancing is a meditation which will bring you to a Future or parallel dimension in order to realise which Karma you can adjust already in your present 
  • Support with different Elixirs & Essences like Bach Flowers, Lakshmi Blue Elixirs (by myself), EmPOWERing Elixirs (by myself), Peloponnesos Elixirs (by myself), Rosalinde's Blüten (D), Indigo Essences (by Ann Callahan, Irland), Angels Essences & Aura Elixirs(different types),...

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